2014-08-18 20.54.11
Hiking at the Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve


My favorite place to be is above 8,000 feet and trampling down a well-trodden hiking path. Luckily for me, that’s my husband’s favorite place to be as well. Unluckily for the both of us, I have fibromyalgia, and we live in Kansas. Though it is a rolling swell of prairie and pasture and unbearably hot in August, it is our home and where we embarked on our adventures together.

We both are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle, homesteading, and all the geekiest, nerdiest things you could imagine about Roman culture and Latin. Additionally, I enjoy writing poetry, knitting, baking, and archery.

All written or photographic work, unless otherwise specified, is my own. Please practice intellectual honesty, give credit where credit is due, and share my work only with my permission.


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